Friday, August 29, 2014

ArtFULL Vermont at Compass Music and Arts Center in Brandon

This promises to be a wonderful exhibit!

Friday, August 15, 2014

Artwork at Downstreet Eats

I don't often install my work in restaurants, but I love what Elena Gustavson is doing at  Downstreet Eats in my hometown, Cabot, Vermont! So I put up some of my more colorful and lighthearted work -- my wine foils in the front room

and my Loose Grid pieces (from the Nagoya, ABC, and Numbers series) in the back room.

In her weekly newsletter Elena said, ""Wow". Really the only word that came out of my mouth when I looked around my restaurant last Saturday afternoon. Janet Van Fleet, a multimedia artist and one of the founders of Studio Place Arts in Barre, VT, had graciously agreed to hang a few of her pieces in DownStreet Eats. The place is transformed!

Using bits of materials that most of us do not think twice about throwing away, Janet transformed wine foil into whimsical figures and bits of wire, buttons and metal into aesthetic and social statement pieces."

If you can, go have a look, and enjoy this wonderful eatery!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gender in a Cabinet

I've been interested in gender from many different points of view. In my current work I have used the top drawer of the Cabinet of Curiosities that I've written about previously to look at women's historic concerns. I took some seat-of-the-pants photos today, just so I could get the images out there. There are three layers in the drawer, that you can see open in the image below:

Here are views of each of the layers, top to bottom. They stack on top of each other on 1.5" legs. The bottom layer is about courtship and being pretty; the middle layer is about housekeeping and women's traditional tasks; and the top layer is about childbearing :

Today I finished putting together a Men's Cabinet.

I still need to do some tweaking on the inside of this cabinet, but it's just about there. The text is cut into the wood on the inside of the cabinet's door, and the small installations in the box illustrate the assertions in the text. I think our cultural expectations and demands on men are unfair. What oppresses one damages all of us.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

More Cabinets

I have completed two more cabinets that I worked on with my brother in New Jersey.

Here it is closed and (below) opened up.

And also one called TWO (below), that has two figures on top and eleven sliding trays, each with a digital reproduction of a found photograph and a number 2, printed on the press at SPA. I've been interested in pairs for a long time, and this is the latest iteration of that.

I'm now working on a Men's Cabinet, exploring some of the issues about being male in our culture.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

My Brother Teaches Me

I went to visit my brother, Sean McKinney, in New Jersey from June 11-15. He lives out in the country in Columbia, and has a great shop that he opened to me, working with me to construct two pieces (which I will post about next, now that they're finished) and teaching me a great deal about working with wood and power tools. How lucky I am to have such a kind and accomplished brother!

He has a great shop (the table and miter saws are in another room) and he is very knowledgeable about wood and metalworking. While I was there we also went to visit his friend Robert Cooke, a wonderful artist with whom Sean has collaborated to make several sound sculptures out of aluminum cookware that are on display at Lane's End Farm, whose owner Daniel Mattrocce is a famous cook. Here's the kitchen at Lane's End:

The grounds there are amazing, with sculptures by Harry Gordon (one of which you can see at the far left in the following photograph) and Wendy Wilkinson, as well as Robert Cooke's work. The first image below shows a piece that suggests a cookstove, made with soapstone and the aluminum cookware.

These sound sculptures are sometimes played in performance by gamelon practitioners from New York City. Here Sean is demonstrating on a second piece that references a table:

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cabinet Cards

I've got ten of the modified Cabinet Cards completed, and have mounted them as a group in the studio. You can also see, on the shelf below them, a new piece of an animal made from a scrub brush and paired with a standing figure from the Parade series.

Curious? The Cabinet is Complete

All done, except for the drawer, because I want to leave it flexible. I'm really pleased with this project and am planning to go to visit my brother, Sean McKinney, for a week after June 11 to get some intensive work with power tools and woodworking. I want to know how to do this on my own, and have lots of ideas for cabinets/cases that I want to be able to make. Stay tuned!

Here it is in my studio. You can see the plexi covering the openings for the birds and also the segmented case at the top.

And below, a photo of the case on top, minus the plexi: