Friday, August 19, 2016


Studio Place Arts has a public installation project called Soft Bomb Barre in downtown Barre, through August 27, and I am participating with  Find the Cutie.

I hid twelve soft dolls (see below; each about 18" high) in the the windows of 12 different businesses on Main Street in Barre. It was really hot on the day I put them out, but I think it's been fun for folks to search for them! Here they are in a group in my studio:

These little figures are built of red fleece and red yarn over a wire armature, so they are flexible and can be configured in different ways. I made them about 20 years ago, and installed them several times in hanging groups I called Falling People (seen below in an exhibit at the Lazy Pear Gallery in Montpelier).

When re-purposing them for this project, I wrapped them in yellow and orange yarns, and made clothing out of fabric and donated sock waste. I guess anything can be a "found object," even my own old work...

STAIRS at Jaquith Library in Marshfield, Vermont

I haven't posted about the exhibit called STAIRS that I did at the Jaquith Library in Marshfield because I was so busy with the installation at the Berlin Mall. But finally here are some images and information about that show!

On the left wall above I hung eleven images that are on the pull-out trays of the piece called Two, sitting on the shelf. I posted previously about this piece here, where you can see all eleven of the images.

The other sculptural piece on the shelf is Stairs.

The exhibit also had a group of photographic images. My husband, RD Eno, and I were in New Orleans during the early part of 2016, and I took a lot of digital photographs of the fronts of houses in Mid City and printed them in black and white. Later, I placed objects (some collected in New Orleans) on those prints and then re-photographed them and printed those shots in color.

On the right above (and below) you see a staircase on which some of the objects in the photographs were displayed.

The opening reception was on Friday, May 27, and RD Eno presented a reading from his work (poetry and prose) at 7PM. The exhibit ran from May 23 - July 16, 2016.

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Big Art at Berlin Mall

I've been straight out these last few months, working on a very cool project called Big Art at the Berlin Mall in Berlin, Vermont. The mall is owned by Heidenberg Properties, which wanted to do a creative project as an introduction to their intention to make creative changes at the mall. I was asked to propose an art installation, and came up with the idea of mounting huge blowups of work by 16 Vermont artists in the windows that face the parking lot. I discovered that there's a type of vinyl that these images could be printed on that is visible from both the outside AND the inside of the mall, and that was the ticket!

It took a long time to research and choose work of the right dimensions that I could arrange in what I call "conversational groupings" in each of the areas of the building's facade.

The installation of the vinyl on the windows was completed today, and I am now relieved that it all turned out fabulously. Here's what the Main Entrance looks like, with Jayne Shoup's Waterfall on the left and David Smith's Poplars on the right. I wanted to have two pieces with a diagonal structure, in which the diagonals stretch down toward the entrance, moving viewers from the outside (and the exterior landscape of trees and water) into the interior of the building. You can see how impressive the scale is, with the front doors and the guy walking toward them. The images are HUGE (as Bernie Sanders said)!

And here's what it looks like at the other entrance at the end of the mall, with (L-R) Steven P. Goodman's Beach Study, Arthur Schaller's Blue Ship and White Object, Maggie Neale's Red, Rosalind Daniels' Spring Rain, Mark Lorah's Gate, Kathy Stark's Nano's Melons, and Elizabeth Nelson's Grass.

As I said, you can see the images both inside and outside. Here's Wendy James' Underpass from the outside

and the inside (where, of course, things are reversed -- in this case turning the car into a (British? Australian?) vehicle with the steering wheel on the other side! You can see that there are some fake mullions that are seen from the inside that create a grid.

These are ten of the 16 images. I'll post more later.

Friday, May 6, 2016

Happy Birthday Enchilada Cake

It's The Front's first birthday, and we're celebrating tonight with birthday cake, sparklers, art, and conversation! I made a savory cake with corn tortillas, red chili sauce, and "frosted" with sour cream and cilantro. Yum!

Photo taken by my friend Pat Taylor, who is visiting.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Browns' Burden installed at The Front in Montpelier

Come to the opening reception for the new show at The Front during Montpelier Art Walk on May  6, 4-8 PM! We'll be having a birthday celebration at the gallery, with cake, party hats, sparklers, and lots of interesting new work.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Window Installation for "Encountering Yellow" at Studio Place Arts

The new show at SPA is called Encountering Yellow, and I've made an installation in the front window (and over the front door) using a bunch of lampshades I found while dumpster diving in New Orleans when we were there in January and February. They have a gorgeous yellow color inside (from years of people in motels smoking next to them, someone suggested...).

Here's a photo that James Secor took of the installation after he came down off the ladder (and it was also he who suggested some of them should go outside as well as inside):

I took this one with my phone after Sue finished taking the old signage off the window; I'll get more images later.

This is a fun show, and SPA's annual BASH (Big Arty SPA Happening) will be on May 13 -- so plan to come and party with us!

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Militarization of Our Police

So this is the image I said I'd post.

Here we have exactly the same vehicles, army green on the left, and police black on the right. Somehow the black vehicles are more sinister -- maybe because we know that WE are the ones who might be the objects of their actions, not "those people" somewhere else in the world...

And again, the brand name "Rescue  Team" is like the "Peacekeepers" from the last post. Who is being rescued here?