Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Homage to Margaret Trautz at The Front

My dear friend Margaret (Marge) Trautz died on October 1. It has left a huge hole in my life.

I have been continuing my series of Boxes, using boxes that held lead channel (called lead came) for making stained glass. I got quite a few of these from Chris Jeffrey, who had a stained glass studio at Studio Place Arts for many years.

The first of these that I have exhibited is an Homage to Marge. It is suspended from the ceiling at The Front in Montpelier.

There are LED lights in the bottom of the box, covered by several layers of bandage gauze and bones. Antique glass x-rays are inset flush with the top of the box. As you look down into the box through the x-rays, you can see the bones, illuminated from below.

I hope this is a suitable tribute to my friend, and an honor to her memory.