Thursday, March 26, 2020

Art in the Time of COVID-19

Adjustments are being made by all of us during this time. My Art Group has been doing a round-robin email thread where people can tell what they're working on -- or thinking about.

I isolated at home for two weeks after my husband had back surgery at Dartmouth-Hitchcock, then had to go out to a doctor's appointment two days ago and one for him to have his stitches taken out yesterday, and I took the opportunity to go by my studio and pick up some tools so I can do a little bit of work at home. I know I could be working on watercolors or drawing, but I was craving to work with wood and objects.

So, I rearranged my home office and brought in a nasty old piece of plywood from the barn to create a surface over file cabinets and voila! Home studio! I'll have to go outside to do big sawing and carving (thanks to Ann Young for the loan of chisels!), but tomorrow I'll dig in.

One side of the room and

the other side.

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