Saturday, May 25, 2013 Vermont Exhibit

I’m excited to have the first exhibition of work from my Parade in

UNRAVELING & TURNING: A Climate Change Art Exhibit
Goddard Gallery
54 Main Street Montpelier
May 24 - June 30, 2013

An opening reception will be held Thursday, May 30 from 5 - 7:00 pm.

Artists from across Vermont and beyond share their work relating to climate change in this exhibit presented as part of 350 Vermont's Climate Change Arts Festival.

As the planet has been mired in fire and drought with Arctic ice rapidly shrinking and high temperature records on all continents, it’s time for a creative conversation about the challenges, fears, and opportunities of climate change. The discussion of climate change must be more than a fruitless exchange between scientists, lobbyists, corporations, and politicians. Artists have a critical role to play in shifting the dialogue about climate change to one that is understood on an emotional and spiritual level. Through art, we can identify and strengthen the emotional resilience of each community.

Included in this exhibit are artists Blair Rayfield Borax, Galen Cheney, Kevyn Cundiff, Cami Davis, Joshua DeMello, David Hurwitz, Arthur Hynes, Sally Linder, Riki Moss, Mia Rubow, Anne Sarka, Nancy Taplin, Janet van Fleet, Ruth Wallen, and Shelley Warren. The show includes paintings, sculpture, and installations and has been curated by Peter Nielsen and Alison Goodwin.

Gallery hours are Wednesdays and Thursdays, 12-5pm;  and Fridays and Saturdays 12-7pm.
You can see a few more images at this Facebook link.

Corporate Commission

I created a piece for GNI in Montpelier, based on a chart of their workflow and process.

I was asked to produce a piece that showed the form, but without the text. The piece below has the same basic structure, but with different colors.

For quite a while I've wanted to do a wall installation that affixed directly to the wall, without an underlying grid. This was a great opportunity to start exploring these possibilities.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

New Collectors

Such a nice thing happened: a couple at the SPA Bash last Friday loved my work and came back on the weekend to buy two pieces. It's so wonderful when people are in real synch with your aesthetic. The work I make with found objects is not easy for everyone to like, as it uses very funky materials that perhaps some people might think of as Garbage, but for me has a kind of sacredness. I think all my work is essentially about transience and the ephemeral, which is what makes the things scavenged from the Planetary Dumpster and given a rebirth in art so numinous for me.

They bought a piece I call Standing Disarmed (one of the few pieces I made in the Disarmed series that doesn't hang), and even suggested that it "bears a compelling resemblance to Donatello's Magdalene." I have to say that I see and agree, even though I am humbled by the comparison.

Here are images they sent of the pieces in situ in their home.