Friday, May 21, 2021

Underpass Project Gets Underway 12 Years Later!

Twelve years ago I went down to Sommerville, Massachusetts to paint a canvas for a project called Wrap 'Em that planned to wrap artist-painted canvases around a series of concrete columns under the McGrath Highway. Cindy Larson, one of the organizers, recently emailed me

Yes - that's right. That long ago project that we couldn't get permission to install. For 12 years, these have been stored in my former loft. We have found another venue in which to install these - Kensington Connector. This is a long pedestrian walkway that ties East Somerville to Assembly Square/Assembly Row. It passes under Route 93 and goes from Stop and Shop over to the Public Storage building with Style Cafe. We are so excited that the team doing this finally got permits for this to happen.

And here it is, as it's happening!

This work was part of my Circular Statements work, that included a project in Johnson, Vermont called Time of the Signs (below), several of which went to new homes.

Liz Nelson installed them in different seasons at her hosue

And similar imagery was used for a piece I did in connection with the Vermont Arts Council's Puzzle Pieces project. Mine was called Carbon Footprint.

And while I'm tripping down Memory Lane, here's a piece I did in 2005 for a business in Montpelier, representing their workflow:


Geez, it's been a long time since I played with circles and disks...