Monday, July 23, 2012

Off the Wall at Studio Place Arts

Wow, I am SO pleased to have two pieces in the Off the Wall exhibit at SPA that opened on Friday, July 20 and runs through September 8. I'm showing work that I really wanted to get out into the world, and the exhibit itself is magnificent -- ALL three-dimensional, and in muted, natural colors -- very serene, but strong. Not a painting in sight, though there are some sculptures affixed to the walls, including illuminated ones by Riki Moss.

In the front window is an installation of my Falling People, work I made in 2002 that really has never been exhibited in a gallery setting before. Each figure hangs from the ceiling on a swivel attched to a steel line, so it can (and does) rotate gently.  I am hoping to find a group of dancers who may be interested in creating a dance piece using these figures as props. I imagine the Falling People suspended from the ceiling of a large room (or outside, from tree branches), with the dancers in silver lycra bodysuits, moving among them, turning, and striking them with mallets, like gongs. Maybe there's a gamelan accompaniment...

By the way, you can see through the window that Main Street is being dug up in front of the gallery. If you can come visit the exhibit (which I hope you can and will), you can park in the municipal parking lot on Merchants Row for free and walk over to SPA (there's a crosswalk in front of Aubuchon's).

In the back of the gallery The Disarmed are suspended from the ceiling on both sides of the back hallway. The rubric (or rule) I imposed on myself in making these figures was that they needed to have: No arms (they hang from wires attached to their shoulders), Multiple things on their torsos (armor? breastplates?), and A skirt. People really seem to be digging them, as four of the twelve have already been sold!

Night and Day Acquired by Collector

Two Button Encasements, Night and Day, have been acquired by an out-of-state collector. These pieces, from a 2002 series, are constructed in a complex fashion: They are four inches deep, and there's a layer of translucent mylar at the back that is painted on both sides with acrylic paints and a grid drawn with graphite. In the middle distance, buttons are held in a grid of fine annealed steel wire, while in the foreground, circular images are painted in acrylic on the interior surface of a plexiglass cover. Light casts circular shadows from the middle and top layers onto the far surface.

Remaining pieces in my studio from this series are Workers of the World, Gumballs, Red Moon Rising, Glass Houses, and Shrapnel.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Gander Gallery in Manchester Center

The opening at the Gander Gallery was Friday, July 6, from 5-7 PM. Adria Schozer, the gallerist, kindly put me up for Thursday and Friday night, and created fabulous refreshments for the opening. She sold two of my button dresses on the opening night, which was great. Here are some images of the space. I was particularly pleased with the wall where my loose circular pieces were interspersed with painted wood pieces by Fred Faviano, whose work I like very much: