Monday, March 25, 2019

70+: Gero-Transcendence at Gallery 77 in Rutland

I've spent the last two days installing two installations at Gallery 77 in Rutland (77 Grove Street). This huge exhibit, with about 50 artists, will open on Saturday, April 6 from 2-4 PM, and will run until May 17. I'm very pleased with both installations!

Counting has four shelves (and the walls above), each containing a series of objects 1-10, so that each shelf holds 55 objects.

Here's the signage on the wall:

 The second installation is called Wheeled Chairs. It's installed in a very cool wedge-shaped room with a black wall on one side, and a pre-existing drawing of bones on The other. There's a glass  wall/ window that lets people see into the space. The four small chairs (which I showed previously at The Front in Montpelier), each suspended individually from the ceiling, all have bones incorporated in the piece in some way.  I decided to add four black chairs of various kinds, solidly on the floor, to contrast with the "flying" wheeled chairs.

Sunday, March 17, 2019

‘De tripas corazón' in Panama

I've just heard from Tina Escaja, post-production, about her play, De tripas corazón, which was part of the Festival de Teatro Panameño, in Panama City. The play was an immersive theater piece in which writers, visual artists, and actors (and in some ways, the audience!) contributed to the production. I sent down some pieces of "intestines" that appear in Digesting the Planet (below), and it sounds like it was a really fascinating production, as reviewed here.

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Vanishment at the Supreme Court

In a few weeks I'll be putting up a large exhibit at the Vermont Supreme Court gallery space. Here's a taste, and some information about the 3 events that will happen over the course of the three months it will be on exhibit (April-July, 2019).

I'm presenting a large 32-foot installation called Digesting the Planet, a series of eight mixed media pieces with wine foils collaged over 20-year-old oil paintings that chronicle a deteriorating relationship between humans and the natural world (represented by animals), and a 3-part piece called Rivers of Blood