Sunday, June 1, 2014

Cabinet Cards

I've got ten of the modified Cabinet Cards completed, and have mounted them as a group in the studio. You can also see, on the shelf below them, a new piece of an animal made from a scrub brush and paired with a standing figure from the Parade series.

Curious? The Cabinet is Complete

All done, except for the drawer, because I want to leave it flexible. I'm really pleased with this project and am planning to go to visit my brother, Sean McKinney, for a week after June 11 to get some intensive work with power tools and woodworking. I want to know how to do this on my own, and have lots of ideas for cabinets/cases that I want to be able to make. Stay tuned!

Here it is in my studio. You can see the plexi covering the openings for the birds and also the segmented case at the top.

And below, a photo of the case on top, minus the plexi: