Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Another View

Wow, look at this! The owners of this piece sent this fabulous photograph showing how the shadows are integral to these artworks. They wrote, "Your piece is always changing."  This is the piece I wrote about here.

Friday, October 4, 2013


Probably everybody who has been making art for awhile begins to see certain themes, materials, or forms coming around again. Recently, as several times over the years, I've been making things in boxes. There's something wonderful about the world one can create inside a box. In that enclosed space -- a little theatrical stage -- characters enact their narratives with a kind of intimacy or privacy created by the walls of the box.

I've been re-purposing some of the Disarmed pieces, like the one above, now called Disarmed in a Box. It can swing back and forth inside the box. 
 Another Disarmed piece sits in the piece below, now called Connections.

And finally, Stepping Out, whose box is an old beat-up 78 rpm record box.

Pria Cambio just gave me more boxes, so when I come back from Australia I might make some more!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Recycled Again!

So after its appearance at the Re-Use Fair, this piece has now found a home in my good friend Georgia Landau's garden. Georgia recently sold her house (and gorgeous flower garden) and has moved to an apartment where she has started gardening again from scratch. She always loved my Music of the Spheres piece that used to live on a large wall in my studio and then was bought by NRG in Hinesburg. So when she admired this piece (and requested disks flying off on both sides, like Music of the Spheres), I carted it right over to her garden and set it up. People keep saying, "Just think how cool it will look in the snow," so I'll try to get over and take another shot after the snow flies.