Saturday, February 16, 2019

Boats are Back

Every few years I get a yen to make boats. A recent boat for the Long Haul series was called Baggage (tiled shot), 76" long.

And, probably most out-there-in-the-world, this piece I made for the Telephone project.

I'm working on a new series (about 5 pieces in progress at this time). Here are two finished pieces.

This one needs a different, angled shot, showing the mast, but this is all I've got at the moment. It's about 20" long, with a delightful bird/dinosaur/unicorn figurehead. I have many pieces of found wood and objects in my studio that sometimes have to wait for a long time before I find the right place for them in a sculpture.

I'm working on how to display these new boats. Maybe they'll be suspended from the ceiling, like the Long Haul pieces...