Saturday, September 8, 2018

Great Reception at AVA, Fabulous Installation

My Opening Reception at AVA was last night and it was great! Most Central Vermont folks were at Art Hop in Burlington and Art Walk in Montpelier, but there were lots of people I'd not met before who came and were super enthusiastic about the work, which was most gratifying!

Here are some images taken by me and my husband, R.D. Eno:

The gallery in which Long Haul was installed is wonderfully wonky, with walls at many angles. Mila Pinigen did a great job of installing the work. It felt to me as though the pieces were floating around in the space, bouncing off the walls and moving in a new direction, like bubbles in a screen saver. Very cool.

This is the view from the main entrance to the space (It has signage on the wall straight ahead now that wasn't there when we took this shot...). Baggage, which is hard to photograph because of the plastic cover and two different kinds of light (natural from a window behind and tungsten cans overhead) is on the left. It's one of my favorite pieces, so I tried to create a tiled image, below, that shows all the passengers with their baggage. I put it in as a large file, so you'll have to click on it to see the whole thing...

Here's one more overview shot. Jack Rowell, a wonderful photographer and kind friend, came and took some photos too, which I hope he will let me put up here once he's finished processing them.

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