Thursday, September 20, 2018

On to the Next

I'm so pleased with the exhibit at AVA, and will be giving an artist talk at 5:30 on Thursday, September 27. I look forward to talking to (and with) folks at that time.

But now another deadline looms -- an exhibit at the Vermont Supreme Court Gallery in April-June, 2019. I'm planning to show work related to the impact of humans on the life of the planet. As it's developing, I'm finding a color grouping of red, black, and gold running through the work.

I have re-purposed a 2' tall x 13' wide triptych from 2004 (at that time called Rivers of Blood) to incorporate figures made with wine foils that are collaged onto the surface of the paintng. I've also added text from the Old Testament Book of Amos. The (red) humans are flowing downstream, along with bones, and the fish (representing other lifeforms on the planet) are swimming upstream, moving into the future. Here are some not-very-good images of the first two panels. This work would go in the far part of the gallery, not sure where (there are 3 possible locations...).


I am planning to do eight square panels (probably3x3' each) for the front section of the gallery. These would be like the Stations of the Cross, intended as opportunities for reflection and contemplation. The series would have eight parts related to the series of events in a legal proceeding -- from The Scene, Mitigating Circumstances (at the beginning, rather than the end...), The Accusation, The Evidence... to The Judgment and The Penalty. I am excited to move forward with this work, and am accumulating wine foil figures for the purpose.

Additionally, I'm thinking of bringing back some materials from a piece I did called Pandora's Box (or Nature Spills Her Guts). I would re-purpose it in a piece called Digesting the Planet. The "guts" will spill across the wall (I need to find a better way or arranging them), and the boxes will be filled with plastic animals. We'll see...

It's good to be starting on a new project, though I'm sure things will change substantially over the coming months!

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