Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weathering It Out at SPA

The Weathering it Out exhibit at SPA is very well done, with lots of interesting work. I had a great time putting up my piece, Pandora's Box (or Nature Spills Her Guts), featuring a huge number of buttons that had been through two floods in the basement at SPA, where they were stored. Several floods ago when I retrieved some boxes of these buttons, I noticed that the sludge that covered everything in the basement had settled inside the boxes, acting as a kind of thick ink that created "prints" of the buttons on the interior surfaces of the boxes (as you can see in the shots above and below, taken by Jack Rowell).

Here are some more great installation shots Jack took. Thanks to him for permission to include them in this blog!
Another fun thing that happened at the opening reception on Friday, January 27: Kevin Norbert Collins, of Inside Out Upholstery and Design, came by the studio and bought a small sculpture called Relax. We had a lot of fun attaching it to the shoulder of his jacket, and he decided that he should name it "Chip", as it was a chip on his shoulder!

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