Sunday, January 29, 2012

Castleton Shots

2nd Tuesday will be giving artist talks and presenting a panel discussion at the Christine Price Gallery at Castleton State College this Thursday, February 2. We'll be meeting in the gallery for pizza; then each artist will give a brief talk about her work (except for Ann Young, who is in Patagonia, and Elizabeth Nelson, who has another commitment), followed by a panel discussion called "The How's and Why's of Creating an Art Group."

Thanks to Bill Ramage for sending me these shots of parts of 2nd Tuesday's exhibit at the Christine Price Gallery at Castleton State College. All my work in this show is three-dimensional constructions with wood and mixed media.

Elizabeth Nelson's paintings interspersed with some of my oracles.

Ann Young's paintings of New York City subway platforms and a coffee shop in the city, with my piece entitled Village.

Paintings by Cheryl Betz: A. Aflatunense II and I, and more of my Oracles.


Maggie Neale said...

Thanks Janet for blogging the show in Castleton...the shots Bill sent look great..Liz's, Ann's,
Cheryl's and yours of course. I wonder how mine looks....

janetvanfleet said...

For some reason, he didn't take images of your part of the installation, so I didn't have anything.