Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Setting up at Castleton

On Tuesday, January 17 I borrowed a huge (and very cool) van from Big Heavy World in Burlington to transport a van-full of sculpture to the Christine Price Gallery at Castleton State College. My friend and colleague Ann Young helped me pack the work into the van, which involved bringing it up from basement storage at Flynndog in their big freight elevator, rustling out one of the seats that was frozen into the van’s floor (enthusastic mopping by a previous borrower had pooled water in the attachment points of the seats, and they were frozen in place), and packing it full of my sculpture and Ann’s paintings. It was impossible to get the camera back far enough in the cab to really get a sense of how packed every inch was. There are still two rows of seats behind what you see here, with art on and under them:

It was pretty nasty weather, with freezing rain (seems like freezing water was a theme here...), and we were late for our delivery due to the seat-melting activity. But Bill Ramage and Castleton student Victoria helped us unload and get the work into the gallery, where the other five artists in the exhibit had already arranged their work.

The exhibit, called 2nd Tuesday (after the name of our Art Group) will be up from January 23-February 17, and we'll be talking about our work and doing a panel talk on "The Hows and Whys of Creating an Art Group" on February 2 at 12:30 in the gallery. 2nd Tuesday members are Cheryl Betz, Alex Bottinelli, Maggie Neale, Elizabeth Nelson, Kathy Stark, Ann Young and me. I hope to put up an installation shot that the gallery is planning to send. Here's a fuzzy view of the installation in progress:

Thanks so much to Ann Young for her help, and to Big Heavy World and James Lockridge for letting us borrow their excellent vehicle!

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