Tuesday, February 7, 2012

More Castleton Shots

2nd Tuesday (well, Cheryl Betz, Alex Bottinelli, Maggie Neale, and Kathy Stark and I; Ann is in Patagonia, and Liz had a medical appointment) made our presentation about The How's and Why's of Forming an Art Group on Thursday, February 5. I was disappointed that no students (whom we had imagined were our target group) came. But there were other folks more our age (hmmm, it's really too bad that there can't be more age-mixing, but I guess not...) who were interested, and it will be good if we are instrumental in helping start a new group in the southern part of the state.

Maggie Neale was right on the case, and put up a posting on her blog the day after the event, with lots of good photos and text about the day's activities.

Here's a photograph of one side of the gallery that Bill Ramage, the gallery's curator, took.

And here are a few I took of my pieces that I liked best. This Parade:

And a detail of The Wall, with nail people going out for dinner. It's my birthday, and I'm going out for dinner tonight too!:

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