Monday, July 23, 2012

Night and Day Acquired by Collector

Two Button Encasements, Night and Day, have been acquired by an out-of-state collector. These pieces, from a 2002 series, are constructed in a complex fashion: They are four inches deep, and there's a layer of translucent mylar at the back that is painted on both sides with acrylic paints and a grid drawn with graphite. In the middle distance, buttons are held in a grid of fine annealed steel wire, while in the foreground, circular images are painted in acrylic on the interior surface of a plexiglass cover. Light casts circular shadows from the middle and top layers onto the far surface.

Remaining pieces in my studio from this series are Workers of the World, Gumballs, Red Moon Rising, Glass Houses, and Shrapnel.


Clair said...

That buyer is a lucky person indeed.
AND BTW -- I couldn't find anywhere to sign up to get your posts by email or even to become a "follower" --????

janetvanfleet said...

Hey Clair!

I don't like the whole idea of "followers" (makes me feel like a guru or cult leader), but anybody who wants to get email notification of posts can tell me they want to be on the list by writing to me janetvanfleet at