Saturday, November 3, 2018

Celebrate at SPA

The annual Members' Show (called CELEBRATE!)  is coming up at SPA. You’ll find special items for the household, holiday ornaments, jewelry, wearables, cards, and much more.  Show Dates:  Nov. 13 – Dec. 27, 2018
Reception:  Sat., Nov. 17, 4-6PM.

I was inspired to make a group of sculptures I call The Year in Pictures: 2018.

From left: The Hollow Men, Predator, The Environment, and Women Step Up.

In addition I've made my regular Button People ornaments:

and this year, I've made some larger Button Dolls:

 There are also 8 Mystery Boxes (not really much of a mystery -- they all contain Nail People.

I hope to see you at the reception on November 17!