Saturday, December 3, 2011

Movement Reborn

I made a piece called Movement several years ago that was part of my Rolling Boil series, but when I sent it to an exhibit in Baltimore, it was smashed in transit by UPS. It arrived at the gallery in a nice clean looking box (not the box I'd packed it in), but when the box was opened, the sculpture was in pieces. (I later took the small people that had been broken off and mounted them individually and sent them off to Maison Kasini in Montreal). Here's what it looked like before the Movement was (so to speak) co-opted.

Today I mounted four of the ABC people I made in Maine on the same base, and the Movement was renewed and got back to marching. The people are mounted on rods that allow their legs and arms to move, and when you pull the vehicle, they appear to be walking.

Here's a video of Movement in action:

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