Saturday, March 10, 2012

Window for the Green Mountain Film Festival

I've put up a rant about the film Lost Bohemia in the window of Capitol Copy in Montpelier. This film, for which SPA is a Community Sponsor, will be shown at the Green Mountain Film Festival on
  • Friday, March 23 6:00 pm @ City Hall Arts Center
  • Saturday, March 24 10:30 am @ City Hall Arts Center
Here's part of my text:

OK, so here's the question I want to ask: what's the purpose and importance of an arts center, and are artists themselves a critical -- or even a valuable -- part of the picture? Of course, we all understand that art, dance, music, and theater can't be made without the creators of art, but it is certainly possible to stash them away in isolated, cheap digs, like cows in a barn, and just milk them and bring the "art" product to market. Or we could just keep recycling the products of dead artists and not need to be bothered with contemporary work...

And now I'm falling down and going out of town for two weeks!

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