Saturday, November 10, 2012

New Standing Figures

I have made two new pieces, each about 24 inches tall. They both are holding things in their hands, things that move when the piece is jiggled.

I've made several pieces previously that used the motif  of a puppeteer holding a marionette or puppet.-- at left is a piece that was part of my Rolling Boil series, and at right is a piece built in a small box, currently at Maison Kasini in Montreal.

The piece I just finished (below) is similar. It's called Puppet Master, and is on display at Studio Place Arts (Spa) in the Members Show, cash and carry.

A companion piece, Falconer, also at SPA, holds two insects, one in each hand. They vibrate with the slightest movement:

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Candy Barr said...

Nice series Janet ...interesting dudes and subtle triggers juxtaposed with found "junk"