Sunday, February 9, 2014

The Parade is Finished -- Long Live the Parade!

We took the parade down yesterday morning. My pieces said goodbye to Riki's pieces and they went their separate ways -- a bit sad after they'd been dancing, cavorting, and conversing together for so many weeks. Here are a few photos I took that morning.

A note: I've put up some images on Wooloo.

Here's the central row of the parade. Lots of people liked the bugs and the shadows that were cast in surprising places.

If you got down on your hands and knees, it would look like this.

This was a favorite pairing that I created one day when I visit the exhibit with some friends (I got to move stuff around because I was the artist!). I suddenly saw that each of the figures was making a similar, arms-spreading gesture. 

And finally this one, which I have begun to think of as the Dog Park, with one dog sniffing the other's butt. It was amazing that without planning it, these pieces fit so well together, and each of us had made pieces in a variety of sizes that found partners in the process.

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