Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Cabinet of Curiosities Almost Finished

Here are some images of the almost-completed Cabinet of Curiosities! I wanted to take some photos before I installed the plexiglass, which is hard to photograph because of the reflections. The buttons you see next to the openings are what will hold the plexiglass that will seal all the display spaces. Plexi will also go on top of the segmented shallow box on the top.

Here's a view that shows the piece from the other side, with the drawer open.

And a closeup of the drawer and top. I haven't completely committed to what will be displayed in the drawers. I'm thinking that I'll give whoever buys the piece a chance to collaborate on that. Right now it's got modified cabinet cards and tintypes.

I've written faux taxonomic descriptions of the three birds in the lower display boxes, all from the genus Avemlignea -- collosinuosae, osaexternis, and dulcefaciens (below).

And here's the bird it describes (image taken before it was inserted into the Cabinet):

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