Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Back to the Men's Cabinet

I decided that I didn't like the Men's Cabinet -- too preachy, like the Black Death work. It's hard to walk a good line that doesn't press my personal agenda and give my opinionated voice too much sway. Here's what it used to look like:

I kept the front image (that sweet, centered, grandfatherly man), but completely re-did the interior. Here's what it looks like at this point. I haven't permanently affixed the pieces (like I need to hang the tools on the lower right), but it's just about where I want it. I have modified the image on the inside of the door to the left, covering over my carved text (see below), to "label" the areas of the box (A Man's World, Body Care, Home and Family, His Workshop, and Outdoor Life). I'm trying to give an overview of the components of a person's life, and the artifacts that have been a part of it. These objects, with the history they bring along with them, seem very potent and numinous to me (though of course these objects did not belong to one particular person, and are even from a variety of decades). But there is something so poignant about the fact that people die, but their stuff -- things they touched, used, valued -- lasts longer than they do...

I want to make some good gifs of these boxes, because I think it's important to experience them as cabinets and see the transition from closed to open to closed again. So much of what I'm doing with these cabinets, I think, has to do with the passage of time, and a gif makes time a deliberate part of the image. Here's a lousy one I made, but you can see the direction I want to go. I am hoping to have a friend help me make better, high-res gifs.

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