Monday, January 28, 2019

Time to Speak

I have a piece in Strictly Sedimentary, the current show in the Main Gallery exhibit at Studio Place Arts (SPA), Sticking with my current experiment in re-purposing paintings from the past, I chose this one, which has paintings layered over paintings from a series of three I did on passages from Ecclesiastes. I wanted to make a way to show the intensity of speech without using text, and found that thread, gathered and tangled, seemed to do it.

Rebecca Weber, a member of the Upper Valley Sew-Op in White River Junction (who came to my artist talk at AVA this fall) gave me a bag with lots and lots of thread of different colors, all on wooden spools. Spools are mounted on a wooden rod, unravelled down the surface of the painting to pool on the floor below. Thank you, Rebecca!

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