Saturday, January 25, 2014

More Boxes

I'm back into boxes (so to speak). Here are two that have rolled out since I last posted about my boxes. I've made another small-ish one (14 x 6 x 4") that uses some of the gum nuts I brought back from Australia -- and declared at customs and got permission to bring them in! They are the heads of the small figures in the box.

And the most recent box is a BIG one -- the shell of a bureau I bought to scavenge the drawers for boxes.  But then the large empty space remaining was very appealing, and I removed the drawer slides, did some more staining on the inside, and used a collection of wonderful old hammers given to me by Carolyn Enz Hack. And made some nail people larger than any I've made before.

The top, studded with nails, is particularly appealing to me, as I've always loved African minkisi figures.

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