Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gender in a Cabinet

I've been interested in gender from many different points of view. In my current work I have used the top drawer of the Cabinet of Curiosities that I've written about previously to look at women's historic concerns. I took some seat-of-the-pants photos today, just so I could get the images out there. There are three layers in the drawer, that you can see open in the image below:

Here are views of each of the layers, top to bottom. They stack on top of each other on 1.5" legs. The bottom layer is about courtship and being pretty; the middle layer is about housekeeping and women's traditional tasks; and the top layer is about childbearing :

Today I finished putting together a Men's Cabinet.

I still need to do some tweaking on the inside of this cabinet, but it's just about there. The text is cut into the wood on the inside of the cabinet's door, and the small installations in the box illustrate the assertions in the text. I think our cultural expectations and demands on men are unfair. What oppresses one damages all of us.

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