Sunday, March 27, 2016

Last Words

As I may have said here before, I work with the GRACE program, doing artmaking with residents in nursing homes in Greensboro and St. Johnsbury, Vermont. When I got back from New Orleans in late February, I found that there had been a lot of illness in one of the nursing homes, and several residents I worked with had died.

Death is real, and I often think how here in America (unlike in other places in the world) most people are not dying from bombing, murder, or starvation, but from old age at the end of a long life.

I bought a cool little alphabetized business card holder at a junk store in New Orleans, created by the Gordon K. Allen Company, "Funeral Coach Headquarters of the Southwest".

I have made cards with words related to death and end-of-life that are filed alphabetically.

Mark Waskow says he regards it as an "artist book". That's interesting.

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