Monday, March 2, 2020

Boats Floating in Montpelier

I've been working on making Ships and Boats for several years now, and this week I've put them on exhibit at the Capital Region Visitors Center at 134 State Street in Montpelier (next door to the Vermont Arts Council). They're open 6AM-5PM M-F and 9AM-5PM on weekends (wow, way more hours than most galleries...) The boats will be there until April 29, so stop by and have a look.

There's a case with a small flotilla of vessels, and two larger ones on a nearby windowsill ... just where you'd expect to find boats.


Here's a short statement. I was thinking about immigration, and the movement of people around the globe and how we need to be open to that, since all of us in this country came (in the not so distant past) from somewhere else.

If you’re here at the Visitors Center, you’re probably from someplace other than Montpelier, Vermont!
Humans have been moving around since the beginning of our species – by foot, by horse, by cart, by plane – and by boat.
Ships and boats move goods across oceans, take people fishing on lakes, and glide up and down rivers. They are part of our life on this watery planet.
These boats are made of found materials – wood, metal, bone, and other interesting things.

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