Saturday, March 28, 2020


I needed materials, so I went for a jog this morning and collected wood on the way to bring back to the "studio". I already had found two fabulous pieces of pierced metal on the road last week, and they were just waiting for their other parts.

I added heads first, then one got what seemed like wings. Then I wanted to have them holding round things. At first I thought it was a tray, and they were some kind of servers, but then I realized they were shields. Maybe we are all trying to ward off the awfulness that seems to be assaulting us and the world -- environmental depredation, a narcissist for a president, and now a pandemic. Three strikes. Maybe they're catchers... Catchers in the Sty.

The wood still needs to be treated somehow (I don't have my wax with me at home), and I'm not sure if they will have legs and, if so, what kind. Also are they on a stand or on the wall. Time will tell.

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