Sunday, March 7, 2021

March 7

 I went into the studio today fully intending to work on the MUM piece at the end of the previous post. I was intending a figure, a child, held by the mum, and did a piece whose arms and legs were made of segments of a dried vine, with a subtle natural spiral.

 Aargh! No! This isn't a baby! It's long and skinny; a baby is short and chubby. And that's a mess how those legs are attached to the body. Take it apart! So, several hours later, with new arms and legs and taking its place with several other recent small pieces proffering things, I got:

The object it's offering to us appears to be a church. I found it at an old house where I also got the chair leg that I cut up to make the body. Hmmmm.....

But this was all a digression. Making these Proffering or Offering figures seems to come easily these days, but the large pieces are not happening. I force myself to go back to Mum. And suddenly I realize, maybe "mum" isn't a Mother; maybe it's about being silent, or even about being silenced. Wow.

Let's see where this goes tomorrow...

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