Wednesday, January 16, 2013


About five years ago I bought three metal cases of glass and paper slides at a yard sale, clearly used by a physican as teaching slides. The glass slides, each about 3x4 inches, are all of x-rays and thin sections of tissue,  and may date to the1940's. I was particularly drawn to the chest x-rays, as images of a human torso, and ones that record damage, disease, and its attendant anxiety.

I am making several figures that incorporate these slides in a small box I've built. I cut the slide down to 3" tall x about 2.5" wide, backed it with mylar, and installed a flickering LED candle, to make the chest appear to pulsate, as with a beating heart.

The arms and headcovering are cloth, with plaster bandage over wire on the legs. 

This video shows the effect of the flickering light:

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