Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Popular Kids

In high school, there were always the Popular Kids -- the admired,  the Beautiful People, the ones people wanted to be (or at least be next to). The same thing seems to happen in Art -- there are pieces that everybody likes. In this current body of work, it's the X-Ray piece I posted on January 16. It got 500 pageviews, and almost everybody who wrote back to me after the recent series of posts referenced that one in particular: "I love the X-ray pieces;" "I love the Xray pieces. Probably drawn by all my nursing history;" "The xrays are quite wonderful in a peculiar way, the kind of thing that is both compelling and unsettling;" "The x-ray piece might be my favorite on that whole page"... you see what I mean.

So here's the second piece in this group. Thanks to Chris Jeffrey at SPA for letting me use his glass-cutting tools.

And there's also (new) a small herd of animals.

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