Sunday, April 5, 2015

5x5 Finished

So I finished this piece, and it's framed. The final state has two 29x29" pieces, one with text and one without. I discarded the text a few posts down, as too wordy and banal. Instead, I decided I need to find (anonymous) text, as I had found (anonymous) photographs. So I went to places where I had bought the photographs, and to other places (libraries) with bookshelves, and randomly selected a shelf of books. I started with the first book on the left of my chosen shelf, opened it up randomly, and wrote down fragments of text that I found interesting (no more than a sentence or two). I put it back, then took down the second book and did the same... through the fifth book.

I did this at five different locations, and then took the text and put fragments that seemed to work in the photographs, from top to bottom, each shelf of books corresponding to a row of photographs, 1-5.

Here is how the whole thing (with text) looks, and a few details so you can read the text and see how interesting the correspondences are!

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