Sunday, April 5, 2015

Clean Studio

Quick, see it before it reverts to chaos! The studio is clean, and I am embarked on painting over the old boards you see below. They are pieces I don't want to save, and they've got frames and good surfaces, so I've unframed them and have begun on the first board in the pile. If it turns into anything I feel good about, I'll post it somewhere down the line... I don't know if I still have any painting chops. We'll see.

I decided to hang representative pieces from each of my major painting series on the walls -- here you see some from the Nests and Eggs series (above) and the Red Dress series (below).

And I put all the remaining Circular Statements pieces on the back wall and one from the Imprimatura series on the left wall (it's hiding behind a painting that's going to the next SPA show, Gone Fishing.

It's very liberating to cull work and part with materials I've been keeping "on spec". Wood was burned (I still need to get rid of the long pieces that you see in front of the window at the back of the studio, but I have to wait until the snow melts at my house so I can put them on the burn pile), and metal taken to recycling.

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