Monday, April 13, 2015


I've finished two of the boards I'm painting over, and have found myself embarked on a lot of text-painting. The original images on the boards are gently showing through, which I like. The images were incomplete or too thin before, but they are more engaging now in a layer underneath.

In the first piece (seen at the front of the pile in the previous post) I created a grid and a few random words in the painted square sections. Then I pulled out some older painted tin disks that were appropriate and created some new ones with other random words, using the same colors from the square sections.  I sanded down to the gesso in a small area under the disks, and mounted them with gel medium on pillars of various heights from the surface of the painting. When there's more direct light, the disks will cast shadows on the surface of the painting beneath them.

I installed it in the frame from its previous incarnation, and hung it next to an old 3D piece called The Technology of Rebirth (to which I had recently added arms, legs, and a new head). I've been thinking for awhile about pairing paintings with 3D work, so maybe this is a beginning of that.

Next up, WAY more text. This was a meditation on time and the passage of time in large timescales. It begins with my own early experience, which seems to become the early experience of humans on the planet.

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