Sunday, December 20, 2015


I started noticing that many of the 20th century black and white snapshots I was collecting showed the fronts of buildings, often the front stairs of houses, with and without people. I suppose it was a convenient place to have people arrayed in a more-or-less orderly fashion, and, perhaps more importantly (in the days before flashbulbs on home cameras) there was plenty of natural light to allow a decent exposure.

There's something really wonderful about front stairs, an ascending transition from the outside to the inside, a lift in time and space.

Here is the new piece, Stairs, which I have taken for exhibition to The Front gallery in Montpelier (appropriate, eh?), where it will be available until the end of January. Here it is sitting on top of a stool at the gallery:

One can zoom in on the three "stairs" in the piece:

I'll be taking my camera with me to New Orleans, where we will be staying during most of January and February, and I plan to take some of my own photos of stairs in the city (and maybe some other stuff too... we'll see).

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